Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's the Point?

Everything has a purpose. Divine design purposed every action we would make and every word we would say. Hard to fathom that we were meant for greatness in a world where it is easy to feel so small. But where do you start? How to you really start to tap in to the greater purpose that was meant for you? Every moment has to count. To stop moving is to die....(not sure who said that)...It is easy to say What is the Point but another matter to say How do I reach the Point?

It is unrealistic to expect to change or save the world but tragic to not even try. You could affect one thing or one person who could affect another thing or another purpose and ripple affect would set in and glorious exploits for the Lord could be seen. Who knows? But you will never know until you settle in your heart what the point is.

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