Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Miss...

I miss the simpleness of childhood.
I miss getting excited about little things.
I miss seeing beauty in ashes.
I miss being amazed by what's bigger than me.
I miss laughing till my sides hurt.
I miss crying for no reason because my heart might burst if I didn't.
I miss taking chances and I miss the memories of moments of bliss and tragic ends.
I miss getting so caught up in a book that I almost feel like I actually lived it.
I miss playing the piano into the night because it brings me closer to my Father in Heaven.
I miss not worrying when I believed life would be blessed regardless beacause of God's faithfulness.
I miss being confounded by the wonder of the stars on a clear night and I miss the way I can enjoy the best meal I've ever had.
I miss being moved and feeling everything so deeply.
Numbness makes me miss these things that my heart holds so dear.

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