Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life is Funny

God has a funny way of getting my attention sometimes.
I feel like I spend so much time fretting over the future and what it holds. Tonight I was reminded that the future is important but the present is the most immediate concern. How am I handling this moment I have been given? We are only given each day through God's grace.
So many things become distracting and cause us to lose intimacy with Christ.
Why do we trade intimacy with him for worthless things the world has to offer? Seems rediculous when we think about it like that but it is much easier said than done to be honest.
My challenge to myself this week is to be more honest with myself. To examine my heart and where I am currently at. Work on what is going on right now and to trust the Lord to guide my steps down the road. Worry over the future has become an idol for me and a paralysing one at that.
My past has held me down and the future seems uncertain but this moment is a gift and can truly go either way...

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